Pastoral Care

High School

The social, physical and emotional well-being of a student are critical for their growth and development. In High School, each of these important aspects is carefully nurtured.

Students learn about themselves and their responsibilities as members of our community through a range of structured activities and programmes in the following key areas:

Actively Contributing to Communities

Here, adolescents learn how to become active participants in a community and what the value of that commitment means. They learn how to work collaboratively, undertake new challenges and initiate activities to positively influence their environment and community. The value of diversity is also explored through games, activities and discovery. They develop and contribute to strategies to make the classroom and playground healthy, safe and active spaces.

Being Healthy, Safe and Active

A healthy lifestyle benefits young minds and bodies in many ways. Students learn how to make balanced nutritional choices and understand the benefits of regular exercise. The connection between well-being and regular exercise is explored through activities, goal setting and maintaining the motivation to stay healthy. We explore fun ways to keep healthy and promote active lifestyles as a lifelong experience.

Communicating and Interacting

Effective communication is a life skill that is actively developed in High School. Students are encouraged to interact by undertaking challenges in groups, identifying and capitalising on the strengths of individual members to reach a shared goal. This helps to develop communication skills based on mutual respect, empathy and compassion.

Personal Identity

Self-awareness and self-worth are essential elements in forming personal identity. External influences from different cultures and the immediate environment can be positive or lead to conflict or misconceptions if the student does not know how to cope with or assess these correctly. Students are encouraged to develop their emotional awareness in order to help them manage relationships and support their friends and fellow students. The aim is to help them develop a strong sense of self-efficacy to enhance their personal well being.