Parent Teacher Association

Our Mission

The ISS International School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) exists to support the school by fostering a spirit of cooperation and community among parents and teachers as they work together for the benefit of the school community.

What We Do

The PTA is administered by a committee of volunteers, which has a written constitution. The officers of the Executive Committee are elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is normally held in September. The Executive Committee meets regularly to discuss affairs of the Association and to plan events. The Chair of the Executive Committee conducts the meetings of the Committee, the monthly PTA Meetings and is responsible for the running of the Association.

The PTA supports the school by organising a series of events during the course of the year. These include regular monthly meetings where guest speakers talk on topics related to the school and reports are given by the Head of School, teachers, or members of our community.  The PTA also organises social events. The annual PTA Fun Fair is a learning opportunity for students where they organise and run a stall. Money raised from the fair is used to support their chosen charities and class projects. Parents contribute to PTA events through their annual subscription to the PTA.

The funds raised are used to make purchases of equipment for the school. These are items, which are in addition to what would normally be expected to be provided by the school. Support is also given to community service projects (such as house building in other countries) in which the school is engaged. Application for funding is made through the Head of School and the Principals. Suggestions from the parents are made through the PTA Committee and the Chair of the PTA.

Please note, the PTA meetings are not a forum for discussing the day-to-day administration of the school. Any such issues should be raised with the relevant administrator at the school.

Joining our PTA and Volunteering

There are many meaningful volunteering possibilities that directly benefit our students. They include:

  • Joining our PTA committee and sharing your talents
  • Becoming a homeroom parent in elementary school
  • Attending PTA meetings to discuss issues that impact student learning
  • Promoting a sense of fun and well-being through events such as the Swim Galas, Sports Day, Fun Fair, and PTA-sponsored events
  • These opportunities make a genuine difference to the learning experiences of our students.

Contacting our PTA

We appreciate feedback, questions, comments, concerns, ideas and suggestions. Email us at