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Changing schools, countries, continents or cultures is never an easy task for a student. At ISS International School, academic rigour is enhanced by our purposeful and planned focus on student well-being. In keeping with our inclusive philosophy, we conciously maintain small class sizes to ensure high levels of engagement to better support student success. 

Our unique hilltop campus, set in a nature reserve, is a safe haven for our diverse community. This tranquil environment is optimal for learning and encourages creativity, high level thinking, and innovation. Additionally, there are bountiful opportunities to engage in authentic biological and environmental studies. 

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ISS International School is an authorised K-12 International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, offering all three IB programmes as well as the IB Certificate, and an American styled High School Diploma for our G11 and 12 students.

ib-pyp ib-myp ISS-HSD

IB Primary Years

Programme (IB PYP)

IB Middle Years

Programme (IB MYP)

IB Diploma Programme

(IB DP) or ISS High School Diploma (HSD)

Kindergarten & Grades 1-5

4 to 12 years old


Grades 6-10

11 to 16 years old


Grades 11-12

16 to 19 years old


Educating to Make a Difference has been our vision since 1981. We take immense pride in our individualised approach to learning, nurturing and inspiring each individual to achieve their full potential. What sets our academic leadership team apart is their exceptional qualifications and experience—over half of them possess Doctorates and Masters in Education, and many with more than 20 years experience.

Embodying our school’s ethos of inclusivity, our diverse academic team creates a nurturing environment, prioritising student well-being. Our teachers are dedicated, treating each other like family, and benefit from personal mentoring. An educator entering ISS not only teaches but gains professional growth and thrives alongside the students they lead.

Dharshini-Jeremiah Fiona-Edwards Akbar-Hussain

Dr. Dharshini Jeremiah

Ms. Fiona Edwards Mr. Akbar Hussain

Academic Director of Teaching and Learning (K-12), Head of MYP (G6-10)


Academic Director of Pastoral (K-12), Head of EAL (K-12)


Head of DP (G11-12),

DP Mathematics AA

Kelly-Millar Ariana-Rehu

Mr. Kelly Millar

Ms. Ariana Rehu

Head of HSD (G11-12),

HSD Social Studies


Head of PYP (G1-5)

Specialised Programmes


EAL programme

Learning a new language while adapting to life in Singapore can be a challenging experience. However, it also presents precious opportunities for growth. At ISS, we have a dedicated team of educators who excel in creating an inclusive and nurturing environment. They support students in developing their literacy skills and building confidence.


Week Without Walls

This program is carefully designed to align with each student’s unique learning journey, fostering curiosity and an adventurous growth mindset. It extends the student’s learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Through teamwork and independent work, students engage in a thoughtfully crafted outdoor learning experience that fosters self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their communities, both locally and globally.


ISS Discovery School

Our signature English Language Intensive Course remains a resounding success, specifically tailored for English acquisition students seeking to enhance their language skills during the holidays. The course incorporates captivating excursions providing real-life experiences, opportunities to discover Singapore while elevating students’ understanding of the language. In addition, ISS Discovery School collaborates with other organisations to offer life-skill courses, catering to adventure seekers to those aspiring for personal growth.

Parent Testimonial


“We value the strong bond within the ISS school community that exists between teachers and students. What really strikes us is everyone knows everyone, no matter their age or grade. It’s more than just a school; it’s a close-knit community. We truly appreciate the excellent individualised pastoral care that ISS provides which aligns with our own values.”

Alexander and Amanda Beck, Parents of ISS students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whether you are considering ISS International School as a potential school for your child(ren) or settling in as a new parent, you may have questions. Here are a few quick answers to common ones.

Semester 1 – August to December

Semester 2 – January to June

From 8am to 3pm for all grade levels.

15 – 20 students

Yes, as an EduTrust certified school, ISS accepts Student’s Pass (STP) holders. However, approval is at the discretion of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Singapore.

Following a successful application and confirmation of the offer from us, we will initiate the STP  registration process. A Registration Acknowledgement Letter from ICA will then be provided to the family and/or applicant to proceed with the formal online application with ICA directly.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)  support is provided across Primary School and High School. More information can be found at: EAL Support

We accept applications throughout the year and practise rolling enrolment to accommodate families who may be relocating to Singapore at various times of the year. Places are subject to availability and all application requirements.

Students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 are required to have their own MacBook. Software installation will be done at school. More information can be found at: Technology