The Arts at ISS International School is always a place full of life, as we have students making exciting new discoveries in Visual Art, Music and Drama throughout the day. All three Arts subjects work with the common goal of encouraging each young person to reach his or her potential as an expressive member of our diverse community. We take the phrase “life imitates art” very seriously, as our unique campus setting lends itself perfectly to outdoor concerts, jungle sketching sessions and site-specific theatre creations. We look forward to welcoming more budding young actors, musicians and artists to our school soon.

 music-image_p1500982 MUSIC

The music programme offers a skilful and creative outlet for students. Our PYP music programme exposes our students to a variety of music from all around the world. The MYP music programme offers students opportunities to develop their musical and theory skills, while the DP music programme focuses on developing analytical, performance and composition skills.





Our Visual Art programme at both the MYP and DP levels combines Art History and Theory with hands-on studio work and gives students numerous opportunities to share their work in an array of public settings throughout the year.





Our Drama programme encourages innovation and exploration of theatre history and theory through scriptwriting, improvisation and the staging of scenes and monologues. We always end each semester with an Arts Showcase, in which students from all three disciplines have the chance to share and celebrate their talents and growth as young performers, and many students have called this experience one of the highlights of their days at ISS International School.