Community Presentation by Sensei Yuki Ozaku and Head of School Dr. Margaret Alvarez

Community Q&A session

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Five simple ways you can help your child’s school 

Parent involvement in the learning journey of your child is a vital element of academic development. Both students and Schools benefit from increased parent involvement. When parents are involved in school and education, children benefit from increased scores and grades, improved behaviour and better social skills at home and school. Increased involvement in your child’s education and school will lead to long term benefits for your child and family as well as your child’s school.


While we understand that it is not always possible for parents to attend every school event, there are rewards for your child and yourself when you can. When parents attend events that showcase the talents of their children it is an opportunity for growth for your child. Children will benefit from increased confidence and well-being from the displays of support. 

Art exhibitions, music and drama performances, inter-school sporting competitions as well as Sports days and Swim Gala’s are events that offer you and your child memories that you will cherish well beyond their school years. 

It is also important for the school and our learning community to have the support of our students’ parents in attending events. Parent attendance enhances events, creating a better atmosphere and making it more enjoyable and memorable for our students. Increased parent involvement adds to the sense of excitement leading up to our school events, which in turn increases student efforts and participation.


One of the privileges that come with an expat lifestyle is to meet and make new friends with people from all over the world. An opportunity many of us may not experience in our home country. 

Take the opportunity to build relations with other members of our learning community, such as teachers, staff and other parents. There may be social and business benefits by increasing your personal network through new contacts made at the school gate or by attending school events.

If you would like a deeper engagement with the ISS community you can attend PTA meetings. You are automatically a member of the PTA when your child is enrolled. The PTA is a key organisation within the school. Being a part of the PTA or any other parent group will help you to connect with other parents and community members. Contact the PTA at or enquire about receiving more information by contacting your Class Parent, or calling the school secretaries.


Teachers often need parent volunteers to help with small-group activities, reading to children, or joining certain activities and field trips. A new Elementary school initiative, the Home Language program will benefit from the time and efforts put in by contributing parents. 

Are you a fabulous chef or a craft whiz? Do not be shy, contact your child’s classroom teacher to volunteer to give students a classroom demonstration of how to make a yummy dish or a creative holiday gift. If there is a way of incorporating your skills to the classroom during specific areas of learning we know our teachers would love to hear from you. 

Alternatively, perhaps you would be interested in ways to showcase your work or career to our students. Do you work for a company that would be an interesting place for a field trip? Suggest a class visit to your business or a career presentation to your child’s teacher. You may think this is not applicable to your child if they are young, but our Middle or High school students want to learn more about different career paths and future options after graduation. You may inspire a student towards a career they did not know they could consider!


We want our parents to know what is going on in school. Our Head of School and our school Principals publish their blogs each week updating our community with our latest information. Senior Leadership Team blogs available at

We also send out the ISS Roar newsletter by email to review what the school has been doing throughout the term. Remember to forward the newsletter to grandma and grandad to show them how their grandchildren in Singapore are being schooled! You can download the most recent as well as past issues of ISS Roar at

Did you know that we live streamed our recent IB Diploma music recitals? Like and subscribe to our facebook, instagram, twitter and Youtube platforms to keep abreast of the latest happenings and events at ISS. Get to know our teachers better by following @isssingapore on twitter. Twitter is a great way to see what our teachers are doing in class and to learn more about their educational philosophies. 

Check-in to our social media platforms frequently to see when your child and their friends show up in our posts. Again, you can invite your family back home to like and follow our school on social media to share your life in Singapore with them.

What can you do? 

#1. Like and subscribe to our social media platforms. Invite family and friends to like and subscribe too!


Instagram: @isssingapore

Twitter: @ISSsingapore

Youtube: ISSsingapore

#2. Use our #ISSPride hashtag and “Tag” our account when posting school photos to your personal social media accounts.

#3. Leave a review on Google, on the ISS facebook page or in other facebook groups and online forums. Let other parents know how your child benefits from their education with us and what you like about the school.

#4. Contact should you be willing for us to interview you or your family. We are always looking for ISS families that can share their school experiences with prospective families. Interviews can be conducted in English if you would like or in your native language.


Referrals of new families help ISS strengthen its diversity and further expand its learning community. Many parents refer their friends’ children to ISS and we have recently updated our Family Referral Policy to show our appreciation of this support of our school. More information on our most recent update to this policy can be found by visiting



The engagement team at ISS always wants to hear from our families. 

If you are inspired to become more involved and want to know how else you may help the school please feel free to reach out to us, we would be glad to talk to you. 

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we could be engaging better with the community let us know, we welcome ideas, whether they are big or small!

Contact any member of our engagement team that you may be familiar with from either the Admissions or Marketing departments or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.