Vision & Mission

Our vision

Educating to make a difference

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a multicultural educational environment for our students in which they achieve academic success, personal growth, and become socially responsible and active global citizens with an appreciation of learning as a life-long process.

We accomplish this through an international and dynamic curriculum delivered by enthusiastic and experienced faculty and staff, in partnership with students, parents and guardians in a caring and supportive community.

Our promise

Realising potential – We believe in your child as much as you do. We see the potential in each of our students and we are passionate and committed to ensuring that your child reaches his or her full potential. Our approach to education is inclusive, nurturing and empowering. We want to make a positive impact on the lives of our students and their families.

Our cultural statement

In keeping with the mission, vision and values of the school, ISS International School aims to help each student reach his or her potential by maintaining an inclusive, nurturing and empowering learning culture. This culture is fostered through ISS International School’s programmes and operations. Our success in achieving our culture is measured through formal community feedback and a range of documented evidence.

Our strategic objectives

An ISS International School education:

  • Occurs within an inclusive learning culture that nurtures all learners, differentiating instruction to empower them with the range of competencies and characteristics they require to become skillful, active and fulfilled global citizens.
  • Empowers all learners to become skillful thinkers and creators. Learners who are able to both pose and solve problems, researching and expressing their understanding using multiple forms of literacies. Learners who can manage their own learning and collaborate with others to achieve shared goals. Learners who can apply their learning to new situations with creativity and innovation.
  • Inspires all learners to become active, socially responsible global citizens with an understanding of their responsibilities within their local community and as global stewards.
  • Nurtures all learners enabling them to be fulfilled individuals. Learners who move through life with a growth mindset and an entrepreneurial passion for encountering the opportunities that await them.

An education that makes a difference by developing learners who are able to make a difference.