Richard Avery, ISS Alumnus


Being in an international environment, I had the opportunity to be acquainted with students who came from different countries and backgrounds, many of whom I hold dear through the years. During Activity Week (now known as Week Without Walls), I had the chance to travel to Eastern Europe and around Asia, and these opportunities were not available to me until I joined ISS.

One of the biggest takeaways from my education at ISS was that I learnt to treat everyone with respect. I am now working at a digital marketing company, Nugit, doing Enterprise Sales. Being in this position means that I have to interact with many people on a day to day basis, and being able to speak to everyone with respect, while making the effort to close business deals, is the attitude that I have learnt to take on.

I had the opportunity to pursue multiple career paths, such as being a teacher, running boxing clubs, and now I am in the line of technology sales. It was a constant need to be better than I was the year before, and therefore I will continue to investigate something that aids my journey every 5 years.