Grade 12s Score with E-Waste!

At ISS, our mission is for our students to become “socially responsible and active global citizens”. In their Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) class, our students are encouraged to “create innovative solutions to environmental issues by engaging actively in local and global contexts”. This year, our Grade 12 ESS students learned about e-waste, the impact improper disposal of e-waste has on our environment, and the fact that most people simply do not know what to do with their e-waste.

“Improper disposal of e-waste is a huge problem in not only Singapore, but the whole world. As Global Citizens, we need to take action!”
“So, what can ISS do to help with proper e-waste disposal efforts in Singapore?”

 The ESS students, Jason and Tarish, in particular, were inspired! These risk takers partnered up and put their brains together to ensure that our school became a recognised partner of the National Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling (NVP) under the National Environment Agency (NEA). They worked with their teachers and the administrative staff to prepare a proposal that they submitted to the NEA to join the ongoing e-waste recycling efforts in Singapore as an official e-waste disposal venue partner.

“When we first heard about the NVP, we were scared to take it on as it seemed like an enormous task, but we soon realised the great benefits this could bring to the school and wider community if it was initiated. The problem with e-waste is that many people assume that e-waste would somehow disappear and that there was no need for human intervention to dispose of this responsibly.  So we knew we had to do something about it. After speaking with our teacher Mr. Whitehead, we knew that presenting the idea to the Head of School and working with our teachers and the administrative staff would be an integral part of leading this change and bringing our idea to fruition. Although our exams were just around the corner, we knew if we could just push this idea a little further, we could definitely make a difference before we left. In the end, it turned out to be a success and because of our efforts, ISS is now and forever will be a National Voluntary Partner of the NEA.” – Jason and Tarish, ISS Graduates

E-Waste collection bins around the campus

We are now pleased to say that ISS is the only school in Singapore to be a partner in the NEA National Voluntary Partnership for E-Waste Recycling (in fact, our name is already on the  NEA website)! Bins for e-waste collection are also now proudly displayed on both our campuses. By making this a reality, Jason and Tarish have not only helped ISS integrate into the activities and programmes taking place in Singapore, but have shown how the actions of students can benefit the wider global community. What a legacy to leave behind as they graduate from ISS, and a principled and caring example of entrepreneurial thinking from the both of them! We must say that they are, certainly, already using what they have been taught at ISS to make a difference in this world. We look forward to celebrating with them in their accomplishments in the future.

In the next academic year, our Grade 11 ESS students will begin developing education and awareness programmes for a full launch of e-waste recycling at ISS, so watch this space to find out more!

(photo credits: Thank you to fellow student Viktor for sharing the photos in this article)