Taking collaborative action to support the SDGs at our International Day celebrations

Seated according to nationalities for the Parade of Nations!

“International Day 2018 is focused around ‘Uniting together to take action towards the Sustainable Development Goals.’

Our students cheering loudly for their home country!

Our International Day 2018 celebrations supported this aim to further this education on the SDGs through giving students opportunities for Creativity, Action, and Service.  At the celebrations, our students contributed much effort to create exciting art-works, cross-cultural performances, and student-led workshops focused around the SDGs and what it means to be a global citizen who is committed to the achieving them.



Our High School student guiding their International Day counterparts

Every year we look forward to having the ISS community (students, parents, guardians, teachers, support staff, and the wider community) come together in this celebration of our multinational, multicultural community. It was no different this year, and we had the entire school community celebrating our differences and shared goals, to make our global home a better place to live in for all!”



Making toys together in the Sustainable Development Goals workshop
Learning more about Sustainable Development Goals

Ms. Lisa Missen, International Day Coordinator, Multiple Literacies Coordinator, Drama and Mother Tongue Teacher