ISS International School’s Policy on the Personal Data Protection Act


The ISS International School shall, in the process of its operations, collect, process, disclose or in other use of personal data, adhere to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). There is a policy in place to preserve and protect the data that you have voluntarily provided. We use the information during the course of enrolment and for marketing purposes on our website and in printed materials. We respect your data and will endeavour to keep it safe. ISS International School understands your expectation that your personal information is maintained accurately and secured from unwarranted disclosure.

The following policy sets out how ISS International School will use and protect the information you provided to us.

Types of information collected:

  • Personal details and demographic information (name, contact details, gender, nationality etc.) when registering your child with us for enrolment, signing up for activities, for services, applications to other schools, seeking employment or submitting an enquiry via the website or other channels etc
  • Responses to surveys for research purposes to improve our services
  • Text, images and film from school-related activities, and enquiries and comments via the ISS International School website and social media

Purpose of data collection:

  • Maintain regular communication channels for updating student progress and disseminating information regarding school programmes to you in a timely manner
  • Administration, statistical analysis and intervention in the event of medical or pastoral counselling requirements
  • Review strategic plans, academic policies and guidelines
  • Management of security and risk
  • Provide education services, track progression of students and evaluate student’s suitability for a course
  • Purchase of individualised fee protection (where applicable) required under the Fee Protection Scheme administered by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) which is applicable to all Edu-Trust certified Private Education Institutions (PEIs)
  • Market research
  • Internal and external audits
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Analysis of information to improve and develop the ISS International School website

Confidentiality of Information

Authorised personnel within ISS International School and appointed data intermediaries will be able to access the information you provide to us. We may also share the information collected with the ISS International School Group and third parties. We would only do so with your express agreement and consent and will always ensure that your information used is in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Unless required or permitted to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.

How to contact us

The confidentiality of your personal data is important to ISS International School. You have our assurance that if your personal data is collected, used or disclosed for the purposes we have listed above, we will protect it and use it only in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (2012) requirements. If you need clarifications, corrections, access, withdrawal of consent for use of your personal data or other information regarding your personal data kept with ISS International School, you can contact us at:

Data Protection Officer
ISS International School

21 Preston Road
Singapore 109355
Tel: (65) 64754188
Fax: (65) 62737065