School Transport

To use our bus services, Parents are advised to submit an online Application Form.  We would like to inform that the use of our School Bus Service is governed by a set of Terms and Conditions and by submitting an application, it is deemed that you have agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions.  In addition, Parents whose child or children are using the school bus service must also agree to and sign a Release Waiver and Indemnity Agreement  (Agreement) with the school before your child/children will be allowed to board a bus.  You will receive an email notification to sign this Agreement from the School once you have signed the school contract. 

Should there be a need to withdraw your child from the school bus service, please also assist to complete this online Withdrawal Form and submit this to us at least 3 weeks before the intended date of cessation. We will contact you as soon as we finalise the withdrawal. 

Should you have further questions about our school bus services, or would like make changes to your pick-up address, please do contact:

Mr. William Cheong
Senior School Transport Executive
Mobile no: 9663 6100