Erdal, ISS Alumnus (Turkey)


I hold many fond memories of the time when I was a student in ISS, such as the trip to Tioman in Grade 11 with my Biology class, winning the Athlete of the Year in 2014, and my Graduation Ceremony.

At ISS, I learned that success can and should not be measured solely by grades. It is important to find and chase your passion, and ISS’s caring environment helped me to find mine. With the exposure to an international environment at ISS, I learned to communicate and connect with people from all cultures, which allowed me to make a very smooth transition to the culture as a Freshman in college. These life lessons will continue to serve me well as I continue to pursue my passion.

At ISS, our nurturing teachers have genuine care and concern for all the students. We are not just a ‘number’ in the student community. Therefore we must be appreciative for this. I am truly grateful as this is not something that you can find in other schools.