MS Service As Action

Our Middle School students participate in a Service as Action Day at the end of every semester. Having a Service as Action Day is part of our desire to have a positive impact on the environment and fostering skills of being active global citizens. Last semester, our students participated in a 5-kilometers walk along East Coast Parkway, followed by a Kampong (homeroom) challenge that required students from the same Kampong to work together to complete tasks, such as forming a human pyramid, twirling a hula hoop over 100 times, and more. Despite the downpour, everyone completed the morning’s activities with zest!

Upon their return to school, a group of these students represented their peers at a visit to migrant workers as part of an Itsrainingraincoats initiative, where they gifted them with Christmas presents contributed by ISS students. Meanwhile, other students had the opportunity to take part in mindfulness activities, such as practicing yoga, laughing exercises, and making origami, which was a restful break from school work.

Highlighting the importance of ‘balance’ amidst their busy school lives, we encourage our students to participate in physical activities and practice mindfulness, and at the same time, take into consideration their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.