IB Diploma Music Concert

Singing to Mr. Hoddinott’s guitar accompaniment!
Playing a guitar solo, ‘Summer’, by Joe Hisaishi

Our Grade 11 and 12 students were able to showcase their musical talents at the IB Diploma Music Concert. This annual concert held at  the Library@Esplanade, is a platform that enables our students to demonstrate the  conscientious effort and hard work that they have invested in for their IB Diploma programme, and do so in front of an audience.  Each student managed to express this through a range of musical styles;  from Classical, Opera, Musicals, to Popular Music.



Our student-vocalist singing a solo piece, with another student playing the guitar as accompaniment

“As their Music Teacher, I am extremely proud of the level of professionalism and  performance that the students delivered that evening. It truly showed off the hard work, dedication and perseverance that the students have put in. It also demonstrated the benefits of the IBDP Music programme at ISS. We have managed to create a programme that gives all our students the opportunity to hone their musical skills,  and become more skilled solo musicians. I have personally witnessed the development in the students. They have each faced the challenges of this programme bravely, and have shown the hunger to learn  and improve continuously. They have gained the skills needed in the art of performance; skills such as musical, cognitive and communication skills to interact with the audience, whilst performing.   I am happy to also share that some of our performers will continue to study music in their tertiary education.

Performing a piano solo by Beethoven, ‘Pathetique 1st Movement’

Last but not the least, I would like to express my gratitude towards the National Library Board for allowing the use  of this venue. The Library@Esplanade  has great acoustics and is supported by a fantastic technical team. Many thanks for playing a part in making the evening’s performance a resounding success.”

Mr. Christopher Hoddinott

Grade Level Leader 10, High School Project Coordinator, Music Teacher