Elementary School Swim Gala

Diving in


“Good luck!”

The Swim Gala is the culmination of the 7 week swimming unit for our Elementary School students. This year, the focus of the Swim Gala is “Showing Respect and Kindness for Each Other”. While it is, at its basis a House competition, where the children can earn points for their Houses with their victories in (for K1-G1) the rotation stations or (for G2-5) the 25 meter or 50 meter freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke races, students who demonstrate these values will be awarded with bonus points for their respective House. In this way, while we maintain a healthy spirit of competition, we can also instil and nurture good values in our students.

K1-G1 Rotation Stations

Thanks to all who participated and assisted with our ES Swim Gala on 4 June at the Sports Lifestyle Centre in Bukit Merah. We had a wonderful sunny day with a lot of active participants in the day. Our swim gala races were based on grade level and scored using our House System in which students earned points for their houses by their place in the races. If they participated in a race, then they scored points for their houses.

Our ending event of the House Swim Gala was a House Relay with G2, G3, G4, and G5 students. Orchard won 1st place over Raffles with a come from behind win in the relay. Newton finished third and Somerset fourth to set up the final points of the annual House competition.

Our teachers even joined the kids in the pool

Our final score for the Swim Gala was Newton in 4th Place, Orchard in third place, Somerset in second place, and in first place, Raffles. Congratulations to Raffles for doing an excellent job at the Annual ES Swim Gala.

Mr. Daniel Inman, ISS Athletics & Activities Coordinator

Sunny smiles