Holly, Grade 4 student (British)


What do you enjoy most about studying at ISS?

I enjoy studying at ISS school because the teachers are so nice and kind and will explain things a million times if you don’t understand. They will help you with subjects that you need more help in, and will devote their time and energy to helping and encouraging you.

What’s the culture like at ISS?

The energy (or culture) is amazing. It is like everybody is part of some sort of community joined together by teachers and students. I enjoy the feeling that everybody is there to help you and that I will always have some friends that are there to help me when I need it.

It is a friendly place where I feel safe and happy to try new things.

What are the biggest takeaways that you have gained from the Learning Accelerator programme?
The Learning Accelerator programme made it easier for me to zoom in on exactly what I needed to work on. It showed me how to achieve my goal so that I would feel more confident in maths and division.

How has ISS helped you achieve your goals?

ISS has helped me achieve my goals in so many ways that I can’t start to explain but I’ll try. One of my biggest goals was to get better at math especially in division and multiplication and times tables. So my teacher helped me by showing me different strategies and letting me take my time and now I know my 11 times tables, how to multiply big numbers and how to divide.