Jamie, ISS Ex-Student (Netherlands)


I studied in ISS from 2007 till 2016, when I was in Grade 10. I am currently studying at LASELLE College of the Arts.

I was part of the first batch of students to go to Sok Sabay, Cambodia for Week Without Walls. Performing for the children at Sok Sabay was what started my journey in Theatre. The children’s reaction to our performances touched me in a way that they made me feel that, ‘I did something for them. I made them happy.’ The reason why I do what I do today, as a technician in theatre who builds sets for the audience and being able touch people’s hearts, making them think that, ‘oh wow, that’s a great show!’, was because of my experience at Sok Sabay. I still keep in close contact with my teacher Mr Lebon and I help him out with his annual ISS theatre productions as a backstage crew and for venue recces.

The close-knit community was what left a deep impression in me during my time in ISS. Even when I visit the school nowadays, the teachers can still remember my time in school and recall specific memories that we share together. The teachers have met our parents and know who we are personally, and the fact that they know when we need help and the areas in which we struggle in without even asking about it – that was pretty amazing.