Shintaro, ISS Ex-Student (Japan)

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When I was in ISS, I was exposed to acting through drama classes and had the opportunity to be part of the Hairspray production. Through this exposure to theatre production, my drama teacher, Mr Lebon, had led me to discover my passion for performing arts and shaped important personal traits of mine through his teachings.

Back then, even though I really wanted to learn more about the performing arts, I was hesitant about selecting this path as there were not many of others who intended to study arts in the university. Upon graduating from ISS, I had initially chosen a course of study which I thought I would enjoy. However, I realised that it was not where my true passion lie, and that I still wanted to study theatre acting. This ultimately led me to make the decision to apply for Nihon University’s theatrical acting course, where I have recently received confirmation of their offer of admission! I delivered the good news to Mr Lebon, who shared my joy towards this favourable result.

I would like to thank Mr Lebon for instilling the passion for theatre in me, which drove my decision to pursue a path that may be different from my peers, but is one that I can truly say that I love and am passionate about.